Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's Going On?

You may wonder what has been going on in my life (or maybe you don't really care to know). Either way I figure I'll share some of the highlights....

  • I quit my job. Yes, you heard me right. I gave my two week notice near the middle of July and my last day of work was July 29th. There was a lot going on in life, both inside and outside of the workplace, and Josh and I felt that this was the best decision for our family. It was definitely a very difficult decision, but one that needed to be made. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't miss it - because I truly do each and every day. But, I did quit and now I'm beginning a new leg of my journey in life (even though I'm not sure exactly what that is).

  • My sister got married on August 6th. She and Brandon had a beautiful, little outdoor ceremony at a local campground. Despite the fact that it was a rainy day, it was still beautiful. I'm so happy for the both of them and their little family and happy to have another brother added into our family!

  • Josh and I just celebrated our third anniversary. It's hard to believe that we've been married for three years, but it's the truth. It's been a wonderful three years together though! We went away for two days to the beach and had a great time (beautiful weather too). I'm so grateful for a wonderful, loving husband and am looking forward to spending many more years with him!

  • Josh and I also added onto our family at the end of May. No, there weren't any babies born that you didn't hear about. We got another cat - well a kitten to be exact. My cousin found him and didn't have anyone to take him so we volunteered. We named him Minion. He's about 16 weeks old currently and is a giant ball of energy. Our other cat, Titan, has slowly gotten used to him. I think they've finally come to terms with each other and actually love laying around together now.

Well, not much else that I can think of to write. Hopefully I'll be writing more often now (although I'm not making any promises).

- Jenn